Alternative Health Solutions In Its Simplest Form Is Natural Healing

Alternative health in its simplest form is natural healing.
Using nature’s resources to cure the ills and diseases
that plague our society. Relieving pain without using toxic
drugs is the best result when one chooses alternative health
solutions. Alternative health may be answer to the problem of increased
medical costs.

Dr. Pelzer, in his book ‘The Health Revolution states

“Approximately one seventh of the U.S. economy, about $1.5 trillion,
is devoted to what is erroneously called the ‘healthcare’ business.
Healthcare is a misnomer, as this one seventh of the economy is really
devoted to the sickness business – defined in the dictionary as ‘ill
health, illness, a disordered, weakened, or unsound condition, or a
specific disease.’

Changing our health when we change our choices is the first step to
achieving optimum health. Some alternative health techniques include
massage, acupuncture, nutrition, therapy, aromatherapy and stress

Practitioners in the field of alternative health suggest, that our
mind is sick if our body has disease. Getting the body in balance
with the mind and spirit is the second but very important step to
achieving optimum health and vitality.

Alternative health is more than eating organic vegetables, taking
vitamin supplements or joining a yoga class. Alternative health is
a calm state of mind that nourishes the body and the soul. Choosing
alternative health does not negate the advances of traditional

People who choose to follow the lifestyle have little
need for traditional medicine. What alternative health offers
is the opportunity for the individual to direct their own life
choices toward a lifestyle that promotes robust health.

The third step to reaching optimum health is body awareness..
Alternative health Sickness in the body is usually a symptom of
an imbalance. Become aware of the body in order to get the three
areas in harmony. Alternative health trains the client to find
a bonding of the physical, emotional and spiritual.

The Alternative health lifestyle can be combined with other positive
healthful endeavors but the basic doctrine of alternative health
involve holistic nutrition, holistic healing and Accupunture.

Holistic Nutrition is all about foods that nourish the body.
Our food choices affect how we feel, how we look and our health
quotient. The choices we make now will affect our well-being for
many years to come. The goal is to nourish the bodies for optimal

Holistic Healing or Acupuncture

Herbs, exercise, nutrition, massage, were the primary tools of
the Chinese physician a thousand years ago The Chinese doctors
could identify and prescribe
therapeutic responses for the whole
range of human ailments.

What we call alternative health today is really a recreation of
Ancient Chinese medicine that is over 3000 years old.

The body responds almost instantly to alternative health methods.
When the nutritional requirements of the body are supplied, there
is an instant increase in the feeling of well being and vitality.
With the addition of nutritional supplementation and herbal
augmentation where warranted, the body can reverse the disease

With surveillance and correction, the remission of some symptoms
are alleviated. The body starts to heal itself and a reversal of
negative symptoms is observed. The body is quick to respond to
alternative medicine therapy.

Taking responsibility for our health is the end result to
alternative health involvement. We observe and become aware of
the messages that the body send. We respond To these messages
by augmenting our diets, becoming more aware of what our
Bodies need . We learn and educate our minds and our bodies
to work together to rid the body of the negative inputs.

We become proactive to provide the body the herbs of nature to
speed the way to health, healing and harmony.

Alternative Health Therapies Can Be an Effective Method of Care For Various Illnesses and Diseases

Alternative Health Therapies are practiced all over the world by various types of health care givers, using naturopathic and preventive methods for curing various diseases, that may be either psychological or physiological. Alternative therapies primarily originated from the Indian Sub-Continent and China around 4000 years ago. From the mid-eighteenth century, during the Popular Health Movement, alternative medicine began to be widely practiced in America. Some of the common methods that were, and still are, used in alternative health therapies are naturopathy, chiropractic, herbalism, traditional Chinese medicine, aurveda, meditation, yoga, biofeedback, hypnosis, homeopathy, acupuncture, and nutritional-based therapies.

Practice of alternative medicine varies in its foundation and in its methodologies. It may be based on traditional techniques, spiritual beliefs, and even folk knowledge. Diseases like Scabies, Diabetes, High Cholesterol, High/Low Blood Pressure etc. may be cured by these alternative therapies. Psychological Disorders and also chronic diseases like cancer can be treated by the long term use of alternative medicine therapies. The major advantage of these alternative therapies is that they don’t possess as many side-effects as those evidence-based methods that use drugs and surgery. Various holistic approaches make alternative health therapies very effective. There are hundreds of universities and research centers that study alternative medicine and therapies. The practitioners of these fields are called Naturopathic Doctors. Also, there are vast numbers of healthcare centers that provide these services for those people seeking alternative health care. As every aspect in every sector of the world leads towards digitization and focusing on information technology, alternative therapies have also reached the homes of people, who may not usually have access to these treatments, through internet based health monitoring system. Numerous tools and gadgets have been invented and used for such specific purposes. Such tools have various sensors and transducers that effectively pick up slight changes in patients’ reflexes and cellular changes during monitoring. Practitioners can then examine the reports and treat accordingly. Not all alternative health practitioners will have access to all these tools and resources Neither will they all have the experience and knowledge to practice using such advanced methods, so if you are interested in remote health care and monitoring it is important to choose your alternative health care practitioner wisely and to vet their experience.

More experienced practitioner of alternative medicine use advance techniques such as Bowen Therapy, Limbic Stress Assessment (LSA) and Voice Remapping to treat their patients.

The important thing to remember about seeking alternative health treatments is that your practitioner will treat both the symptoms and the underlying causes. Alternative health therapies look to bring the body back into its natural balance by healing the mind, spirit and body. Only once this is achieved can the body begin to start healing itself.

Health Insurance For Individuals

The price of health insurance is ever-increasing. For this reason, there are many who feel that they incapable of meeting the expense of health insurance purchase. Many feel that they are healthy enough, have no critical illness and hence will not require health insurance. However, the reality is that, health insurance is an essential requirement for every individual. You never know when you may fall ill. In the event of any such sudden unfortunate events, you will be at a loss while covering medical expense, if you do not own an individual health insurance.There are several methods of obtaining individual health insurances at affordable rates. Every state in America has a Medicaid program for which even individuals of low income group qualify. All it needs is to obtain an application from the local Division of Family Services. Along with the filled application form, you will need to submit documents that bear evidence of your financial status. The insurance policies that are offered cover medical expenses of various kinds, including dental and eye care, emergency services, visit to a physician, medicine bills and so on. This is a free of cost option, and the process is quite hassle-free.You may also browse through the internet in search of cheap individual health insurance policies. There is every possibility that you might find a plan that suits your budget. The different websites of variable costs, so it would be better to carry out extensive research before you zero in on a particular plan. Several websites offer free quotes for their policies. It is a good idea to ask for these and compare the quotes from different sources. It is advisable to ascertain the tenure for which the company offering your desired insurance plan has been in trade. Find out their reputation, or lack thereof. Also, determine if that company has license to carry out trade in your country and state.Local insurance agents also offer several lucrative policies. Many of them can get you a deal of affordable individual health insurance policies. These might not provide every type of coverage, but at least some protection is always better than none at all. Moreover, an affordable health care insurance plan may be obtained if you take note of advertisements for prescription cad plans and alternative health care plans.Do not lose hope and be disheartened if you fail to find an affordable individual health insurance at the very first attempt. Continue your search and soon you are sure to find a plan that meets all of your requirements.

7 Tips On Selecting An Alternative Therapy Practitioner

Conventional medical practitioners do not spend enough time with their patientYou may have noticed more and more these days that there are time constraints when you go to see a conventional medical practitioner. This is because of economic reasons. The doctors have to churn patients to make profit. So in this minimal time spent with the patient, the doctor does not have time to look at the patient’s problem in a holistic way because our health condition is the product of our lifestyle choices, exercise, diet and environment conditions.Alternative health practitioner’s approach is holisticAlternative health practitioner’s approach, on the other hand, is stark contrast. They look at the physical and spiritual health of the body as a whole. This is imperative when we need to heal the cause of the problem so that it goes away for ever and that too with natural ways.So how do you select an alternative therapy practitioner who will offer knowledge and understanding of complementary and integrative modalities? Some tips are below:1. Trained in Alternative MedicineWhen selecting a practitioner keep in mind which personal or professional referral led to that practitioner. What is his area of specialisation and experience of treating patients with similar problems. Do you trust that source, do you have trust in the selected alternative practitioner. Do your homework – research their credentials, their professional organisations or hospital affiliations.2. A Holistic ApproachMake sure in the content of the appointment sufficient time has been allowed for questions on physical and mental health like diet, exercise, stress levels, lifestyle habits etc. The visit should address you as a whole and not just address the symptom. So find out the number of patients the practitioner sees per day and how much time is spent with each patient.3. Office HoursHow far in advance you need to make an appointment and typical working time in the office.4. Office LocationFor example accessibility to public transport, parking, etc.5. Informative and open approach to appointmentIt is important that the health practitioner is open and honest and asks relevant questions and offer options and opinions in a considerate manner. This will put your mind at ease and make you more informed and relaxed about your appointment.6. Just the medicine is not the only solution offeredBecause an alternative therapist looks at the cause of the health condition and not the symptoms, that means looks at the body as a whole, he should offer not just the herbal supplement or a therapy session. He should also give additional supportive recommendations as well about particular diet or exercise etc.7. RecommendationOnly when you trust the health practitioner, believe in him and trust his practice would you ever recommend him to others. So ask yourself,”Would I recommend this practitioner to my family or friends?” If the answer is “yes” then you are on a winner.For more information download FREE software ’6 Easy Steps To Good Health Naturally’